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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Smoke Persians

GC NW Palmetto's Walking In High Cotton

Celebrating a new Palmetto National Winner in 2007

Thank You
To all the clubs that welcomed us
To all the judges who supported us
To all the friends (new and old) who encouraged us
From Pat, Leslie and GC GP NW Palmetto’s Mango

GC GP NW Palmetto's Mango
CFA's 21st Best Cat in Premiership

Palmetto litter (born 2003) - all three Black Smokes have Granded!
See them all on our New Grands page
Photo: Fidos & Felines, Inc

Pat and Fire. Pat in Venice
Pat grooming a Shell Cameo kitten at a show Pat in Venice, Italy
Bunkey with Rocky
Bunkey with GC BW RW Palmetto's Like a Rock
during their daily TV watching routine

Patricia Lichtenberg, Valdosta, Georgia, USA
Phone: 229-242-9669

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